The 7 Habits of High-Momentum Silicon Valley Startups

We are marking the start of May with a new toolkit for mid-stage tech startup leaders. “The 7 Habits of High Momentum Silicon Valley Startups”.

The toolkit is available for free from the Scale-up Ally website. It should be of interest if you are trying to move your mid-stage startup to higher momentum.

Inspired by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

As a young manager in the 1990s, I felt much inspired by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People(by Stephen Covey). Now I work with mid-stage startups. I keep seeing seven factors that explain the gap between low-momentum and high-momentum. Thus the play on Stephen Covey’s title. The habits are:

  1. Critical Self-Diagnosis
  2. Crystal-Clear Accountability
  3. Consistent Care for A-Players
  4. Cross-Functional Priorities
  5. Commitment to Real Choices
  6. Concentrated Communication
  7. Coached Team Workshops

Seven one-page tools for startup founders

The toolkit contains a one-page tool to help solve and internalize each of these habits. The tools are a selection of Gazelles International and Scale-up Ally tools:

  1. Rockefeller Habits™ Checklist
  2. Functional Accountability Chart
  3. Current Talent Assessment
  4. Cash Acceleration Strategies
  5. One-Page Strategic Plan™
  6. Strategy Vision Summary™
  7. Sample Quarterly Agenda

Toolkit bonus content from Gazelles International

I have also added some Gazelles International bonus content

  • a sample One Page Strategic Plan for a software company
  • a chapter on how to organize a quarterly workshop

You can download the toolkit for free

With the toolkit, you will also get a set of seven daily emails that explain how to use each tool in more detail. And of course you can reply to each of these emails with specific questions. We answer every email in person.